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Expanded List of Reference Textbooks

A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics is a supplement, designed to work in conjunction with your undergraduate or graduate thermodynamics textbook. The book itself provides explicit links to twenty one of the most commonly used textbooks in various science and engineering disciplines. However, we recognize that there are a great many texts out there. Since yours might not be included in the supplement—and since new editions keep coming out all the time—on this website we maintain materials for a greatly expanded list of reference textbooks, including older and newer editions as well as less popular titles. 

To find your textbook, first click on your discipline from the list presented at right. This will then expand into a complete list of titles and editions available for your specific field. Click on a given title/edition to access all available text-specific content. if your textbook isn't listed, please let us know.

Select your discipline from the list below:

Biological Sciences