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Book Reviews

Below are some additional comments on A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics, culled from students and faculty alike.  There are many more in a similar vein. Already own the book? Please feel free to send feedback of your own.

  • “I was very impressed by your strengths as a writer. You have the rare ability to engage the reader immediately, which yields a final product that is a pleasure to study and highly effective in teaching concepts.”
  • “The book was exceptional as it wasn't long but contained necessary information that was very helpful.”
  • “Overall the book was useful and helped me to learn...for the exam.”
  • “Much easier to understand than the regular textbook. Had many tricks to solving problems and real-life applications rather than facts only, which made it a better and more useful read.”
  • “I really like the book. It helps me understand a lot of concepts that are hard to understand in [name of text redacted]. I also like the fact that his explanation is short and clear, straight to the point.”
  • “I found the book to be quite excellent...finally explained concepts I have struggled with since my undergraduate days.”
  • “Very good book. Easy read.”
  • “The book was a great supplement...because it broke down each topic into easy-to-understand concepts. The examples...are also extremely helpful. I honestly couldn’t find anything that I disliked!”
  • “Poirier presents a concise and refreshingly transparent definition of entropy...perfectly suited for undergraduate students...I will be adopting this next year
  • “...tremendously interesting take on entropy...fully interdisciplinary, drawing from information theory very nicely...Just great.”
  • “...natural gift for analysing and expressing the essence of mathematical and scientific concepts.”
  • “I would have loved to have had this...It would also be helpful for instructors...writing their thermo lectures (and stat mech) for the first time.”
  • “This book concept is unique in the field of thermodynamics.”
  • “...appendices...add a certain dimension of ‘fun’”
  • “The Comprehensive Compendium alone is worth the price of the entire book!”
  • Great writing. Great professor.”
  • I absolutely love this book. It has greatly increased my understanding of physical chemistry! I like the style of writing and how the chapters are organized. I really couldn't find any negative thing to say.”

Want to buy the book now? You can do so at the Wiley title homepage. Ebook formats, e.g. kindle and nook, are also available.